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  1. Good morning. During the recent Marshall Healthfest I attended a hula hoop class at your studio. I loved it and wish I could come to your studio for the class but I live 8 hours away!!! I would like to buy the hula hoop and tape mentioned in the class. Can you help me find the name of the hula hoop and dvd also where to purchase?
    Thank you

  2. Hello Shannon, I’ve come to you classes before. Not going to lie its been A WHILE!! (lol) I’m determined to come back but was wondering if there is no other class later than 6PM? I would like to join tonight and try to come and get back in to class monthly.

  3. Hi Soledad! We would love to have you join us again. At times I offer classes later than 6. Please friend the Shake & Move Fitness page on facebook and send me your email of choice to zumba.shannon@gmail.com. I send out emails and updates every Sunday.

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